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Helicopter Links Web Statistics and Demographics

Please give us a call to discuss your advertising needs and how Helicopter Links can be part of a successful advertising and marketing strategy. We know directory advertising.

Helicopter Links is a worldwide directory of helicopter information. See our Site Map for all categories.

Helicopter Links Web Statistics Overview

2016 Helicopter Links Web Statistics.Helicopter Links had over 58,781 visitors from around the world in 2017.

Our visitors are from at least 221 countries, dependencies, islands, territories, sovereignties, etc. We also have people from ships viewing our website. (We know this because they've contacted us and told us.)

The infographic on the right shows the majority of our visitors are from North America, Europe, CIS Countries and Asia.

We connect buyers to sellers, locally, nationally and internationally — online and year-round.

Worldwide Visitor Demographics:

  • Americas: 24,626 (52.68%)
  • Europe: 9,962 (21.31%)
  • Asia: 8,372 (17.91%)
  • Africa: 1,849 (3.96%)
  • Oceania: 1,747 (3.75%)
  • Unknown: 189 (.4%)

New Versus Returning Visitors:

  • New Visitors: 46,810 (88.81%)
  • Return Visitors: 5,898 (11.19%)

Visitors By Device Used:

  • Desktop: 31,482 (66.96%)
  • Mobile: 11,972 (25.46%)
  • Tablet: 3,565 (7.58%)

Per Google Analytics (considered by some to be the gold standard of web statistics), Over 80% Of Our Visitors Came From Organic Online Searches. This Means:

  • Most people visiting Helicopter Links were not looking for Helicopter Links;
  • Instead, people were typing in two (2) or more search terms in Google (or another search engine), looking for a list of companies in the helicopter industry;
  • Then found Helicopter Links website;
  • Then used Helicopter Links website to find sellers

The Importance Of Helicopter Links Incoming Visitor Numbers:

In 2017, 88% of our visitors typed in two (2) or more helicopter industry related search terms and found Helicopter Links website. Is this important for sellers in helicopter industry to know? And why is this important? There are two situations here.

I think it's extremely important to understand how our visitors find Helicopter Links website. Understanding how people find Helicopter Links website. I feel it is key to go through the process to understand how people find Helicopter Links website. Think of it this way.

  • How did our visitors find us? Our visitors are typing in two (2) or more helicopter industry search terms in Google and then they find Helicopter Links website and then use our website.
  • This means that Helicopter Links is Search Engine Optimized.
  • Another way of stating this, in 2017 88% of our visitors did not know the name Helicopter Links (or forgot the name of our website) but found us anyway because we are Search Engine Optimized

My proposition is this: One must think like one of our visitors to see the significance of our visitor numbers.

  • Pretend you are a buyer in the helicopter industry, searching for a seller.
  • You go to Google and type in two (2) or more search terms from the helicopter industry.
  • You find Helicopter Links website.
  • You then use Helicopter Links website.
  • You either are looking for a specific company and you forgot their name. (The horror! Someone forgot your company name!) Once you see their banner ads, you use Helicopter Links as a jumping off point to go that company's website.
  • Or you are looking for all your options to see what types of suppliers you can purchase from and are ready to purchase a product or service.
  • Or you are researching before buying. Getting sellers names, looking at their websites, making phone calls and getting quotes.
  • If you are a seller, don't you want to advertise where their visitors want to look at your banner ads? I hope so. And that's exactly what Helicopter Links offers to our advertisers.

Are Helicopter Links incoming visitor number insignificant? Not much to think about?

  • There are millions of websites online.
  • If one discounts Helicopter Links web incoming visitor numbers and think our numbers are low or insignificant, then one is saying that people are simply visiting Helicopter Links because they have nothing better to do during the day and people just love visit Helicopter Links website and look around.
  • But does that make sense? Do people simple search for Helicopter Links website from around the world because they are bored out of their minds? To be blunt. Hell no. (We know this is not a true statement because 88% of our visitors in 2017 found us through typing in heliciopter industry search terms and did NOT type "Helicopter Links" into a search engine.)
  • When people find and use Helicopter Links website, it's because they're on a mission to find a helicopter supplier or service, they are going to Google, using helicopter industry search terms and working very hard online to find a seller in the helicopter industry.
  • Don't you want to take advantage of advertising to a buyer who is working extremely hard trying to find the right seller in the helicopter industry?
  • This is why I'm very willing to say that the majority of our visitor numbers are extremely significant to our advertiser's business because our visitors are buyers, in the buying process, searching for sellers.

Partial picture of Airbus Helicopters trade show booth at Heli-Expo 2014. Helicopter Links Visitor Numbers Versus Heli-Expo Attendance Numbers:

To put Helicopter Links incoming visitor numbers in perspective, we'll compare it to the attendance figures of Heli-Expo (sponsored by Helicopter Association International).

Heli-Expo is considered by some, to be one of the most important, if not the most important, helicopter trade show in the world.

Heli-Expo 2018 had 17,312 (according to one magazine report) attendees while Helicopter Links, in 2017, had a total of 58,781 total visits to our website.

Therefore, Helicopter Links had three (3) times the number of people that attended Heli-Expo 2018.

Helicopter Trade Shows Are Important And Useful, But Please Keep In Mind:

  • Helicopter trade shows and conferences usually last 3 to 4 days at best;
  • Are a very expensive proposition for both the attendee and the exhibitor;
  • Mainly attract regional visitors (that is, many people from outside the hosting country can't afford to travel internationally);
  • Many people can't attend the trade show due to financial reasons, prior commitments or lack of interest.
  • Many businesses cannot exhibit at helicopter trade shows due to the expense and employee unpaid labor time.

While we certainly recommend attending helicopter trade shows, the goal of most companies is to be easily found by buyers, who are ready to buy, or those researching before buying — and on a year-round basis.

Why Helicopter Links Is A Valuable Place To Advertise Your Company

  • Helicopter Links offers 24 hour, year-round and worldwide advertising to buyers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to your company;
  • Helicopter Links has visitors from every country in the world, territories, islands, ships and to anyone with an internet connection.
  • There is no cost for our visitors to use Helicopter Links website.
  • People are visiting Helicopter Links at the moment they are in the buying process. Either ready to buy or researching before buying.
  • Our visitors want to look at your banner ads.
  • Our visitors from from inside and outside the helicopter industry.
  • Advertising pricing on Helicopter Links is much less than the cost of exhibiting at a trade show.

The Importance That Helicopter Links Visitors Are From Inside And Outside The Helicopter Industry

Companies supplying parts or services to the helicopter industry will find that many people from inside the helicopter industry use our website to find suppliers and services for the helicopter industry.

For helicopter operators, we have companies, governments and private individuals from outside the helicopter industry (such as a contractors, construction companies, pipeline, utility and demolition companies, governments, air charter requests, tours and others requests) which use Helicopter Links each month to find a helicopter operator help them complete a job. (I am going to surmise that not many contractors, pipeline companies and utility company personnel visit helicopter trade shows in search for the right helicopter operator for their construction jobs.)

Helicopter Links can help your company advertise to people from inside and outside the helicopter industry and it is an important part of any advertising, branding and marketing communications program. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your advertising needs, our advertising options and pricing.

To Contact Helicopter Links:

Contact: Mike Hampson, owner

Phone: +1 (858) 413-7074 (San Diego, California, USA)

Email: staff@helicopterlinks.com

About the above picture from Heli-Expo:

Helicopter Links took this picture at Heli-Expo 2014. This picture may not be copied or reproduced in any form such as print or electronic or any other future form of transmission without our permission. This picture is copyrighted by Helicopter Links.



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