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Forum 79, The Future of Vertical Flight, May 13-16, 2021 - Virtual

2023 Helicopter Trade Shows and Conferences

2023 10th Biennial Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting and 10th Electric VTOL Symposium
January 2426, 2023
(Mesa, Arizona, USA)

2023 Handling Qualities Technical Meeting
February 78, 2023
(Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

Heli-Expo 2023

March 69, 2023

(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)


2023 2nd H2-Aero Symposium
March 2830, 2023
(Long Beach, California, USA)


Naval Helicopter Association Symposium
May 1519, 2023
(Harrah's Resort Southern California, Valley Center (San Diego North County), California, USA)


79th Annual Forum & Technology Display - "The Future of Vertical Flight"

By The Vertical Flight Society

• 16–18 May 2023 (Tuesday - Thursday)

The Vertical Flight Society's 79th Annual Forum & Technology Display is the world's leading international technical event on vertical flight technology. The conference will span three days and include 200+ technical papers on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems, as well as invited presentations and discussions by leaders in the military, government agencies and industry.

The Technology Display, running concurrent with the Forum, is the most extensive exposition of cutting-edge vertical flight technologies in the world, and also includes other technologies more broadly applicable to aerospace in general. Leading manufacturers, service providers, defense agencies, universities, and research and development organizations will showcase the very latest in vertical flight technology in our exhibit hall.

(West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)



Airborne Public Safety Association Conference 2023 (APSCON)
July 1722, 2023

(Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, USA)


International Powered Lift Conference (IPLC) 2023
June 1216, 2023
(San Diego, California, USA)

2023 17th Annual Electric Aircraft Symposium
July 2223, 2023
(Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA)

2023 Air Medical Transport Conference
October 2325, 2023
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)


Helicopter Association of Canada 28th Annual Convention and Trade Show
November 2023 (Exact dates and location to be announced)

Helicopter Association International Aerial Work Safety Conference
November 1617, 2023
(Boise, Idaho, USA)


Helicopter Trade Show and Event Calendars for every year.

The Vertical Flight Technical Society

- Multiple conferences listed worldwide -

(Fairfax, Virginia, USA)



Airborne Law Enforcement Agency

- Has multiple events throughout the year -

(Frederick, Maryland, USA)


FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) Seminar Event List

(Note: Please check the FAA Safety Team's events and webinars listings. These evens happen throughout the year, in the USA.)


Helicopter, Gyrocopter, Homebuilts Air Shows, Events and Fly-Ins for 2023


50th Annual Bensen Days 2023

- Gyroplanes, helicopters and more. -

March 2225, 2023

(Wauchuala Municipal Airport, Wauchula, Florida, USA)


61st Annual Popular Rotorcraft Association International (PRA) Convention

- Gyrocopters, helicopters and more -

August 2023 (Dates unknown)

(Mentone Airport, Mentone, Indiana, USA)



Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In 60th Anniversary

- Rotorcraft & more -
September 2224 2023

(El Mirage Dry Lake, El Mirage, California, USA)


Helicopter Display Teams

Nock Entertainment Group

- Featuring the Batcopter -

(Longboat Key, Florida, USA)


Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

(Hampton, Georgia, USA)




Some past Vertical Flight Society Annual Forum dates and locations:

* The annual Forum is by the Vertical Flight Society.
* A complete list of Forum dates and locations can be found on the Vertical Flight Society's website here: www.vtol.org/who-we-are/our-history/listing-of-society-forums
* Forum 75: May 13—16, 2019, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
* Forum 50: May 11—13, 1994, Washington, D.C., USA.
* Forum 25: May 14—16, 1969, Washington, D.C., USA.
* Forum 1: The first Annual National Forum of the American Helicopter Society—now the Vertical Flight Society—was held at the Engineer's Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA for one day on April 23, 1945.

Partial list of past Helicopter Association International Heli-Expo dates and locations:

* The annual Heli-Expo is by the Helicopter Association International.
* Heli-Expo 2023: March 6-9, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2022: March 7-10, Dallas, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2021: March 22-25, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. (Cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic.)

* Heli-Expo 2020: January 27-30, Anaheim, California, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2019: March 4-7, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
* Heli-Expo 2018: February 26–March 1, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2017: March 6–9, Dallas, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2016: February 29–March 3, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2015: March 2–5, Orlando, Florida, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2014: February 24–27, Anaheim, California, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2013: March 4–7, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2012: February 11–14, Dallas, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2011: March 6–8, Orlando, Florida, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2010: February 20–23, Houston, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2009: February 22–24, Anaheim, California, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2008: February 24–26, Houston, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2007: February 25-27, Orlando, Florida, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2006: February 26-28, Dallas, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2005: February 6-8, Anaheim, California, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2004: March 15-17, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2003: February 9-11, Dallas, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2002: February 14-16, Orlando, Florida, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2001: February 11-13, Anaheim, California, USA.

* Heli-Expo 2000: January 24-26, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

* Heli-Expo 1999: February 21-23, Dallas, Texas, USA.

* Heli-Expo 1998: February 15-17, Anaheim, California, USA.
* Heli-Expo 1997: February 2-4, Anaheim, California, USA.


* The 50th Anniversary of Heli-Expo took place in 1998.

* The first Heli-Expo was held in 1948.
* The reason for listing as many Heli-Expo dates as possible, is they are very difficult to find online.

Helicopter Links recommends that all travelers be aware of human rights violations in countries where they live and where they are traveling. Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org details human rights violations in about 90 countries, including the USA. All human rights violations can be overcome by education.

Asia and Oceania

2023 Helicopter Trade Shows and Conferences


China Helicopter Exposition

14–17 September 2023

(Tianjin, Hexi District, China)



The First International Conference on Urban Air Mobility Systems
October 2023 (Days to be announced)
(New Delhi, Delhi, India)


Rotortech 2024
4–6 June 2024
(RACV Royal Pines Resort, Benowa, Queensland, Australia. RACV = Royal Automobile Club of Victoria)


Helicopter Display Teams

Sarang Helicopter Display Team

(Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bangalore, India)


723 Squadron Helicopter Display Team



Helicopter Links recommends that all travelers be aware of human rights violations in countries where they live and where they are traveling. Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org details human rights violations in about 90 countries. All human rights violations can be overcome by education.

2023 Helicopter Trade Shows and Conferences

International Military Helicopter
2123 February 2023
(Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom)


Helicopter Investor London 2023
2223 March 2023
(Royal Garden Hotel, London, England, United Kingdom)

Helicopter Technology Central and Eastern Europe 2023
17–18 May 2023
(Prague, Czech Republic)


HeliRussia 2023
18–20 May 2023

The international helicopter industry exhibition, HeliRussia, is a unique exhibition held in Moscow, Russia and presents international developments for the entire range in the helicopter industry from design, production, products and services.

HeliRussia not only demonstrates the achievements of the Russian helicopter industry but also contributes to the development of international cooperation in the helicopter industry.

The exhibition also provides an opportunity to meet industry leaders and directors from around the world and contributes to the development of international cooperation and collaboration between foreign and Russian companies. in the helicopter industry.

(Moscow, Russia)



RotorTechUK, Helicopter & UAV Expo and Conference
810 June 2023
(Sywell Aerodrome, North Hampton, England, United Kingdom)


PAvCon - Europe

2023 (It is unknown if it will be held in 2023)



49th European Rotorcraft Forum 2023
5–7 September 2023

The European Rotorcraft Forum is one of the premier events in the rotorcraft community’s calendar bringing together manufacturers, research centers, academia, operators and regulatory agencies to discuss advances in research, development, design, manufacturing, testing and operation of rotorcraft.

This Forum will be the 49th in a series of meetings, which take place annually across Europe, rotating around the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Russia. The first ERF was held in Southampton, England, in 1975, and the most recent in Winterhur (Switzerland) in 2022.

The 49th European Rotorcraft Forum will be organized by the DGLR in Bückeburg (Lower Saxony), Germany.

(Buckeburg, Germany)

Helitech Expo 2023
26–27 September 2023
(ExCel London, London, England, United Kingdom)

European Rotors
2830 November 2023
(Mardrid, Spain)


Helicopter Trade Show and Event Calendars for every year.


European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Current and Upcoming Events

(Cologne, Germany)


Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Rotorcraft Commission
English: The World Air Sports Federation

(Lausanne, Switzerland)


The Helicopter Museum

- Calendar of Events -

(Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, United Kingdom)



(Moscow, Russia)


Royal Aeronautical Society Conferences, Lectures, Events

(London, England)


Helicopter Air Shows & Events 2023

Most smaller helicopter and gyrocopter events have been cancelled and cannot be found for 2023.

Helicopter Competitions

The events in this column are typically one or two (or more) day events and the links to their shows stay online all year. Some skip a year or two or are cancelled forever.


Russian Helicopter Competitions
** Events take place in May, July and September 2023. **

** Events are held in various places in Europe. **

(Moscow Region, Russia)


International Academy of Helicopter Sport
(Moscow, Russia)

Helicopter Competition Teams - Civilian

British Helicopter Team

(United Kingdom)


The Swiss Helicopter Team

(Lucerne, Switzerland)


Helicopter Display Teams - Civilian and Military

Black Cats

(British Royal Navy Helicopter Display Team, United Kingdom)





Golden Eagles Russian Aerobatic Team

(Russian Air Force, Russian Army Flight Training Center, Torzhok, Tver Region, Russia)




O'Brien's Flying Circus

(United Kingdom)


Padrulla Aspa

(Spanish Air Force, Armilla Air Force Base, Armilla, Granada, Spain, Spain)



Chinook Display Team

(British Royal Air Force, RAF Odiham, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom)




Rotores de Portugal



Scorpion Aerobatic Team, Grupa Akrobacyjna Skorpion



Helicopter Links recommends that all travelers be aware of human rights violations in countries where they live and where they are traveling. Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org details human rights violations in about 90 countries. All human rights violations can be overcome by education.

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