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Helicopter Links is a worldwide directory of helicopter information.

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Bell 525 Relentless mock-up at Heli-Expo 2014.Helicopter Links is a free site to use by anyone worldwide. We also sell advertising, worldwide, to any company currently doing business in the helicopter industry. If you need our advertising rates, please email us. All advertising is paid-in-full and is nonrefundable.

Helicopter Links is located in San Diego, California, USA. Helicopter Links is not hiring.

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We post selected helicopter, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), hybrid-electric VTOL, scientific & human interest articles and political articles on Facebook.

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We post selected helicopter, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), hybrid-electric VTOL, scientific & human interest articles and political articles on Twitter.

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We post selected helicopter, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), hybrid-electric VTOL, scientific & human interest articles and political articles on Twitter.

Advertising With Helicopter Links

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X displayed at Heli-Expo 2014.Advertising on Helicopter Links is expensive and is nonrefundable. Marketing people who claim they have a small budget or try to negotiate the price down to only pay a fraction of our advertising prices will be ignored.

Advertising is nonrefundable due to the possiblity of buyer's remorse. For example, if a person is new to marketing communications or has years of experience, we know that many people's expectations might be completely wrong concerning the results (the number of "hits") that your company receives from online banner ad advertising.

By not correctly analyzing the reality of the number of "hits" your company receives from your banner ads, there will be a good chance that marketing professionals will falsely be unsatisfied with the "hits" received from Helicopter Links banner ad advertising. Even though the number of "hits" they receive are actually in reality, a very good number of "hits".

Two Examples Of Advertising Gone Wrong:

Example 1) Around 2014 or 2015, a marketing person from a multi-billion dollar helicopter manufacture told me our pricing should be the same as Google Ads and refused to advertise with us. Of course, Google has over a billion customers, over 135,000 employees and its revenue was over $66 billion USD in 2014 (and Google's revenue was over $69 billion USD in 2022). This line of thinking that Helicopter Links pricing should be the same as Google's pricing is complete nonsense.

Quoting Google's Wikipedia web page, this describes Google: "Google LLC is an American multinational technology company focusing on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and consumer electronics. It has been referred to as 'the most powerful company in the world' and one of the world's most valuable brands due to its market dominance, data collection and technological advantages in the area of artificial intelligence."

It is mind boggling to believe but this marketing person convinced her boss not to advertise with Helicopter Links because she equated Helicopter Links (a sole proprietorship business) with Goggle (a multi-national multi-billion technology company). Truth is much stranger than fiction.

Apparently this marketing professional (really?) couldn't understand that Helicopter Links does not have over a billion customers, does not have over 135,000 employees and that Helicopter Links is not a multi-billion multi-national technology company. What's the point here? This proves there are a certain percentage of marketing people who really don't know the realities of the cost of online banner ad advertising, who don't know where to place advertising and make bad decisions for the company they work for. Last point? She probably still has her job.

Example 2) We've also had advertising agencies recommend to multi-billion helicopter corporations to advertise with Helicopter Links. The advertising agencies looked at our web statistics and knew that Helicopter Links was a good place to advertise.

We found out later on (because the advertising agencies told us this), these helicopter companies did not advertise with Helicopter Links due to their marketing employees being afraid to purchase advertising with a new vendor. That is, the employees didn't want to look bad a year later (after purchasing advertising from a new vendor), if their boss and/or other business colleagues didn't think they got enough "hits" on their banner ads. In other words, the marketing people were afraid to lose their jobs over a perceived bad decision of recommending to purchase advertising with a new vendor (Helicopter Links).

In Summary. Over expectations about any online advertising company is bad thinking and does lead to non-buying decisions. Over expectations on online advertising also leads to a false analysis of how the advertising performed. If a marketing person thinks that Helicopter Links online advertising did not perform as they expected it to, what they fail to realize is that the online advertising did perform very well because when advertising with Helicopter Links, your company is advertising to people worldwide, who are searching online for helicopter company's products and services. Your results will be a true measure of how many people are searching online for companies in the helicopter industry.

Additional Information About Helicopter Links

For Helicopter Trade Shows, Conventions and Events And For Helicopter Museums:

If you are a helicopter trade show or museum, you are welcome to send us an email and we will list your trade show or museum at no charge. If you want a banner for your trade show or magazine, it is very expensive.

About SPAM or SPAM-like emails:

If your Subject Line looks like SPAM, it will be deleted. Almost all emails which are not a request to place advertising with us are deleted.

About Sending Press Releases To Us:

We are not a helicopter magazine so we do not publish any press releases. If you are a multi-million or multi-billion dollar company and if you want us to publish your press releases and articles about your company on Helicopter Links Facebook, Mastodon and Twitter pages, then you are welcome to pay us to publish your press releases and articles.

We Do Not Accept Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design Proposals Or Any Other Business Proposals.
If you are a business proposing how you can help us with SEO, web design or to promote Helicopter Links, your email will be deleted because it is SPAM email. We obviously don't need SEO help because if you found our site, it's because Helicopter Links IS Search Engine Optimized.

Helicopter Links Official Company Name

Bell 429 helicopter on display at Heli-Expo 2014.About Helicopter Links Company Name

Our business name is Helicopter Links.

Concerning How To Write Helicopter Links' Company Name

For print publications, we'd appreciate the first occurrence of our name to be listed as "Helicopter Links (www.helicopterlinks.com)" (without quotes), to help people find our website.

The next occurrence and all other occurrences of Helicopter Links would be written spelled out as: Helicopter Links. Please remember to add the "s" to the word "link", such as: Helicopter Links

We never want Helicopter Links to be referred as "HL" under any circumstance. The two letters "HL" has no meaning. The letters "HL" is only found in our logo and our logo is always seen with the words "Helicopter Links" next to it.

About the pictures on this web page:

Helicopter Links took these pictures at Heli-Expo 2014, yep, that long ago. These pictures may not be copied or reproduced in any form such as print or electronic or any other future form of transmission without our permission. These pictures are copyrighted 2014 by Helicopter Links.


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