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Please contact us staff@helicopterlinks.com for advertising rates. Helicopter Links is a worldwide directory of helicopter information.

Advertising with Helicopter Links

Directories are where sellers advertise directly to buyers.What is Directory Advertising?
Directory Advertising (also known as Directional Advertising) is where the seller advertises directly to buyers who are actively looking to purchase a product or is researching to purchase a product. When you are performing a Google search for a plumber or electrician, you are a buyer searching for a seller. Google's Search Results List is a list of links directing the buyer to the seller.

Helicopter Links is a pre-made Google search engine, if you will. Instead of the internet user having to search for helicopter manufacturers using a search engine and scrolling through all the links through pages and pages of internet search results, the user will simply use Helicopter Links and see all the helicopter manufacturers on one web page. Helicopter Links makes it extremely easy for the user to find all helicopter manufacturers around the world.

Directory advertising is where the customer is doing all the work to find your company and wants to look at your ads. This is the big advantage of directory advertising, the customer has a buying need and is looking to purchase items or services from your company. Helicopter Links connects buyers to sellers—online. And Directory Advertising is generally less expensive than Creative Advertising.

Directories are used by new, potential, former and current customers who need to connect with sellers.Creative Advertising
Creative Advertising is where the seller is searching for a buyer. It is called the shot gun approach and is very expensive. Magazines, newspapers and billboards are all examples of Creative Advertising. It's called the shot gun approach because people are reading a magazine for the articles and are not reading the magazine just to see the ads.

Imagine a person who read through a magazine, then puts the magazine down for a week or two or more, and then thinks, I need to purchase that product.

  • Will the buyer think, "What magazine was that ad in?"
  • Will the buyer remember what magazine the ad is in?
  • Will the buyer flip through all the pages of that magazine to try to find the ad?

With the scenarios above, the buyer might do the above but probably not. Creative Advertising works best in a magazine, for example, when a buyer happens to need to buy a product while at the same time reading a magazine's articles.

Directory Users
Directory advertising helps buyers find your company who don't know your company, who have heard of your company, are former customers and even helps current customers—find your company. Advertising with Helicopter Links is also similar to your company being at a helicopter trade show 24/7, 365 days per year but at a much less expensive cost than exhibiting at a helicopter trade show.

Also, advertising on a directory backs up all your company's advertising and marketing efforts. A buyer might have seen your website, seen your magazine advertisements, have visited your trade show booth, have seen one of your flyers or have on of your business cards. Then six months later, the buyer is visiting Helicopter Links and they recognize your logo on your banner ad and then easily contact your company.

Helicopter Links has reasonable advertising rates but our advertising rates are not dirt cheap. Our advertising rates are not as expensive as advertising in a helicopter magazine or being at a helicopter trade show. Please email us for a quote and we will provide some pricing.

Creative Versus Directory Advertising

Creative Advertising (Magazines, Newspapers, TV and more.)

Creative advertising includes magazines, trade shows, flyers, direct mail, social media, YouTube, blogs, newspapers, TV, radio and billboards. People reading magazines, newspapers, watching TV or using the internet are not there to look at the advertising which is why creative advertising needs a large audience for their advertising to be effective, only a small percentage of their readership needs the advertising.

Directory (Or Directional Advertising) (Helicopter Links, Search Engines and the former Yellow Pages)

Helicopter Links is an online directory of helicopter manufacturers and trade shows. This is directory advertising. People visit Helicopter Links are directing themselves to the appropriate web page to find helicopter manufacturers and other helicopter related organizations. Directional advertising does not need a large audience for advertising to be effective because our visitors want to look at advertisements.

Two Examples Of Advertising Gone Wrong By Advertising Buyers

Example 1 - Comparing Helicopter Links pricing to Google's pricing.
Around 2014 or so, a marketing person from a multi-billion dollar helicopter manufacturer told me our pricing should be the same as Google Ads (pay per click) and refused to advertise with us. Of course, this line of thinking was so outrageously wrong that I have no words for this error in thinking. What the marketing person failed to realize is this:

  • Google is an American multinational technology company.
  • Google had over a billion customers in 2014. (In 2023, its estimated Google has over 4.5 billion customers.)
  • Google had over 53,000 of employees in 2014. (As of 2021, Google has over 135,000 employees.)
  • Google's revenue was over $66 billion USD in 2014. (I believe that Google's revenue was over $282 billion USD in 2022.)
  • Helicopter Links is an American based and a very small sole proprietor business.
  • Helicopter Links is also a very informative helicopter industry specific and easy-to-use website.
  • Claiming that Google's pay-per-click pricing should equal Helicopter Links pricing shows the lack of ability to assess a valuable marketing opportunity and throwing it away due to trying to compare a multi-billion dollar corporation with a very small sole proprietor business.

Helicopter Links can never be comparied to Googe - ever.Quoting Google's Wikipedia web page: "Google LLC is an American multinational technology company focusing on artificial intelligence, online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics. It has been referred to as 'the most powerful company in the world' and one of the world's most valuable brands due to its market dominance, data collection and technological advantages in the area of artificial intelligence."

It is mind boggling to think a marketing person of a multi-billion dollar helicopter manufacturer convinced their boss not to advertise with Helicopter Links because this person equated Helicopter Links (a sole proprietorship and a very small business) to Google (a multi-national multi-billion technology company).

Making the invalid claim that Helicopter Links pricing should even be even close to Google's pricing shows a failed reasoning of the marketing professional. Truth is much stranger than fiction.

Take an example that anyone can easily assess.
If you compare the cost of a company being at helicopter trade show and compared this cost to Google Ad click rates, would you pretend that this is a fair comparison? Of course not. But let's say you want to seriously make this comparison. Example:

  • Let's say a major helicopter manufacturer spends one million dollars (USD) at one trade show.
  • Expenses would include the booth space, the cost of making a custom booth with offices, give-aways, employee expenses (travel, food, lodging), catering during the convention, transporting helicopters to the trade show, advertising that you'll be at the trade show and all other expenses.
  • Let's say the trade show has about 18,000 people attending.
  • That breaks down to $55.00 USD per person attending the trade show.
  • Remember, not all attendees will visit that helicopter manufacturers trade show booth!
  • Would you say that the cost of attending a trade show is too much money because that would be $55.00 USD per click and does not equate to 5 cents per click that Google Ads charges?
  • If you made that analogy, people would think you were quite mad. Correct?

Yet, some people make this false analogy about Helicopter Links pricing!

  • Unfortunately, some marketing people actually believe that Helicopter Links pricing should equal Google's pay-per-click pricing?
  • How can this be a valid claim? It can't.
  • Google is advertising to billions of people on a daily basis.
  • Helicopter Links doesn't even come close to this type of internet traffic.
  • Google is a multi-billion international technology company with over 135,000 employees, has over 4.3 billions of customers (according to one website) and its revenue is over $282 billion USD.
  • Helicopter Links is a small but very useful business to people worldwide in the helicopter industry.
  • Helicopter Links website is similar to being at a worldwide trade show that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and we know the helicopter industry is a small portion of the aviation industry.
  • Many people cannot afford to attend a helicopter trade show and the beautiful thing about Helicopter Links, is as long as you have an internet connection, there is no entrance fee to using Helicopter Links website.
  • Our prices are extremely affordable!
  • We charge one price for one full year of advertising. Remember, magazines can have very high monthly rates or a high per issue rate.
  • We offer one full year of worldwide advertising for one full year.

Apparently this marketing professional (really?) couldn't understand that Helicopter Links's pricing should never be compared to Google's advertising pricing - ever. What's the point here? This proves there are a certain percentage of marketing people that really don't know the realities and advantages of advertising online with a helicopter specific website versus advertising using Google ads.

Last point? Please realize there is plenty of value of advertising on Helicopter Links because you are advertising directly to buyers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and for 365 days a year to a helicopter specific worldwide audience.

Example 2 - Employees were afraid to add a new advertising vendor for fear of losing their marketing job.
We've also had advertising agencies tell us that they've recommend to multi-billion helicopter manufacturers to advertise with Helicopter Links. We know this because the ad agencies told us.

The advertising agencies looked at our Google Analytics web statistics and knew that Helicopter Links was a good place for helicopter manufacturer's to advertise on a world-wide scale.

With one helicopter manufacturer, we found out they did not advertise with us due to their marketing employees being afraid to purchase advertising with a new vendor. That is, the employees didn't want to look bad a year later (after purchasing advertising from a new vendor), if their boss and/or business colleagues didn't think they got enough "hits" on their banner ads.

Everyone knew at this company that their marketing jobs would be secure if they simply renewed their advertising with the magazines they've been advertising with for the last 30 or 40 years. Even if the magazines were not producing as they used to. The advertising agency told us they said to the helicopter manufacturer, that if you just added one new advertising vendor, that they would recommend to advertise with Helicopter Links.

But again, the ad agency said the helicopter manufacturer's employees were extremely scared of losing their jobs over a perceived bad decision by their colleagues or boss, by advertising with Helicopter Links. Again, truth is much stranger than fiction.

Over Expectations Versus Well Performing Advertising
Over expectations about any online advertising company is bad thinking and does lead to bad advertising buying (or non-buying) decisions. Over expectations on online advertising also leads to a false analysis of how well (or more specifically, how badly) the advertising performed.

If a marketing person thinks that Helicopter Links online advertising did not perform as they expected, what they fail to realize is that the online advertising did perform very well because however many hits your ads got, are how many people are searching for your company's products and service online, around the world.


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