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May 10, 2016

Twitter: A Good Social Media Tool To Use But To Follow More People To Gain More Followers, Is Complete Nonsense.

By Mike Hampson, owner, Helicopter Links

Twitter Logo(San Diego, California, USA): If you are are a Twitter user (for personal or business use) or you are thinking about getting a Twitter account, then I recommend this article. Twitter is a nice social media tool because one can follow individuals (from friends to the famous), companies or organizations and get information, pictures, videos, thoughts, commentary, gossip, jokes, news and more, right from the source - 24 hours a day.

If you know what Twitter is, you're welcome to skip the next paragraph.

For those who don't know, Twitter is a social media program that can be accessed on your computer or through an app on your smart phone. It's easy to use for both personal or business use. When you log onto Twitter, you can scroll down and down and read all the posts from the people you follow without having to open each post. (Twitter is easier to use than email because unlike email, you can read each individual Twitter post, as you scroll down througth the posts without having to to open each one.) Each post has a maximum of 140 characters and allows one to post text, links, pictures and videos.

However, one of the oddest things about Twitter, is that Twitter offiicially recommends that every user should follow as many people as possible, so that you can gain more followers. This is complete nonsense. 1) First, because the more people you follow, the less posts you will see from the people you are actually interested in following. If you have lots of posts you don't care reading about, then why even use Twitter?. 2) Second, your posts become extremely ineffective to those people who are also following thousands of Twitter accounts because they most likey won't see your posts. 3)s For a business, having over inflated Twitter followers is misleading to your customers and you'll have false numbers for marketing purposes.

Following more people on Twitter to gain more followers is complete nonsense.The point of Twitter, in my book, is that you can choose to who to follow, that way, you actually have first hand information from people or companies you are genuinely interested in. If one follows thousands of Twitter accounts, Twitter becomes useless.

Have you ever heard about the Prymid Scheme? The Prymid Scheme is a quack business method where a person can get recruited to be a salesperson to sell a product and then their sales people are also incouraged to recruit other sales people for the company. They tell you that you'll get a commission on all the sales from all the people you've convinced to work there and they claim you'll make lots of money from this type of commission structure. Well, this simply does not work. It's a scam. You can read about the Prymid Scheme on Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme

Twitter has simply spiced up the Prymid Scheme with their own version, where they makes the invalid claim that following more people will get you more followers and that getting more followers is an important part of being on Twitter. Having more random Twitter followers does not give you a higher quality of Twitter followers who follow your posts. This line of thinking has the opposite effect. The more random Twitter followers you have, makes Twitter less effective. Shame on Twitter.

I think Twitter tells others to follow as many people as possible because Twitter can then quote inflated numbers to potential advertisers and charge more for advertising. Twitter can say, "Look at our the statistics of our users. This means that when you purchase advertising from us, it's a great value and it's worth what ever price we put on our advertising." However, how can advertising with Twitter be quality advertising, when many people and companies are following thousands of people? It's not quality advertising. Period.

With that out of the way, there are some good things about Twitter because it's a self-publishing tool and you can make it work better for you or your company with some training, planning and being aware of the options available on Twitter. Here are some things about Twitter to help you be a better Twitter administrator.

Recognize who are following you or who might be following you.

  • Remember, there are about 196 countries in the world and people also live in terrorities, sovereignties, islands, ships and remote outposts. Remember, many people following you on Twitter might not live in your own country and don't speak your same language. Even if your company does little business outside of your own country, it's important to keep in mind that people from around the world might be following your business and reading your posts.
  • Try to be careful and reduce using slang or other words which might not translate well as the person's first language might not be your own.
  • Therefore, when posting posts, I would always include the country of origin of your company for sales posts or the country of origin for a news story. This way, people from other countries will recognize that you are aware that people live in multiple countries.
  • People reading your posts will know your company or won't know your company.
  • Some of your Twitter followers will have been in your industry for years, some people will be new to the industry and some people might not even be in your industry.
  • Keep all these things above in mind so that you write your posts, so that most people can easily understand your posts. That is, when I write my Twitter posts, I assume they live in another country, speak another languange and they don't know what my company is about and are new to the industry.

Know the important features of Twitter.

  • When you open a business Twitter account, remember to describe your company correctly, I'd list your city and country and include the link to your website. Possibly your phone if you have enough room.
  • Go through the settings section of Twitter and check or uncheck settings which would work best for your company.
  • When posting, you can write text, post links, photos, graphics, videos and take a poll.
  • Taking a poll on Twitter is very easy to do and is something I'd recommend you do throughout the year if you are clever enough to dream up of an interesting poll. Be sure to keep a master list of polls you make each year. If you do this, you can eventually show the results of the polls over a 5 or 10 year period of time.
  • You can use a hash tag in front of words like this: #helicopter. This helps people searching Twitter for the word helicopter and can help people find your latest Twitter posts.
  • You can receive messages directly from people and send messages back to people through Twitter. If communication, is very important to your company, I'd make sure the option is choosen to allow anyone to send you a message through Twitter.
  • You can also read articles about the best methods to post Twitter posts. Remember, not all articles will have information that you like or find useful. Even with my article. It's important to create your own Twitter posting standards for clear communication from your company to clients and potential clients.

Plan for and keep records for your Twitter posts.How to post.

  • Remember, it's easy for anyone to see if thought and effort was made for a post. If there is a lot of slang, mistyped words or you can't follow what a person is saying, then people know professionalism went right out the door.
  • If your company is large enough, I'd use a professional writer who writes all posts and/or approves all posts. If you have a Twitter administrator who is also an excellent writer, then this works as well.
  • I would always recommend before posting a Tweet, you write the entire text for the post, then re-read your post to make sure it makes sense, all words are spelled correctly, is grammatically correct and then post the Tweet.
  • LINKS, LINKS, LINKS. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LINK ON ALL YOUR POSTS WHEN APPROPRIATE. I've seen authors and companies selling books, promoting events, promoting products and other things with NO LINKS. If you want to sell a book, then post a link to the Amazon page. If you are selling or promoting a product, then put a link to that product's web page. If you are posting a picture of an event, put the link the event's website!!! In other words, do your job and don't be lazy.
  • To keep your posts professional and consistant. Create your own style manual for Twitter to make sure that if multiple people are posting, the posts look the same.
  • If you really want to be social, you post your name and title with each post.
  • Keep Tweets easy to understand and clear. Writing clever Tweets will simply confuse people. I would recommend to write Tweets that the majority of people will understand.
  • If you are posting a sales post about one of your products and if you company is based in Canada, I'd always type Canada at the beginning of your post. This way potential buyers know where they are buying from.
  • If you are based in Canada but you post a news story that was written in France, then let people know this. You might have someone from India reading your Tweets and they don't know where the news story originates. A news story post might look like this: France: "XYZ Helicopter Manufacturer Announces A New Model Helicopter" See the full article here: (and then include the link). I'd always try to post a graphic or photo if possible with all posts. I've found that posts will pictures are more likely to be shared than those without a picture.
  • Keep an annual file on all the posts you've made. Dates, text, links and what graphics you used. This way, if someone wants to know what you posted throughout the year, you can print out a summary and hand it to them. We posted a total of 450 Twitter posts. The breakdown is this: 200 product posts, 200 articles, 34 jokes, 12 happy holiday posts, and 14 employee spot light posts. We had 35 emails from customers and 20 inquires from potential customers, through Twitter messenger.

What to post?

  • It might seem there is not alot you can post about your company. However, I feel that once you understand that you are self-publishing for your company (think of Twitter like it's both a brochure for your company and a newspaper for your company), I think you'll find there will be plently of things to post about your company and your industry on a year-round basis. In fact, you might not be able to post all the things you want to in a year.
  • Have an annual calendar with what posts you'd like to make throughout the year including the month and day of the post. Once you start filling your calendar with post ideas, you'll see that your calendar will get full.
  • Let me suggest some things to get your creative thinking going. Selling products and or services alone, in my opinon, will keep your Twitter activity busy for the entire year. I would always make a custom graphic for each of your products, line of products and/or services. When posting, type a short description of your product or service, include a link to its web page and be sure to post a custom graphic for your product or service (a picture is worth a thousand words).
  • Post all your press releases and blog articles.
  • You can also feature special web pages from your website. If you have a historical section about your company, this is something that can posted on a Friday. I'd post your contact page each week, to help people call your company. You can post other important web pages which you would like customers or potential customers to review. ]
  • You can post pictures of the outside and inside of your corporate headquarters and/or manufacturing plant.
  • You can post a small feature about different departments or employees in your company.
  • You can post customer reviews or customer testamonials about your products and services.
  • Post what you feel are important news stories about your industry.
  • You can post any event you attend such as trade shows or community events.
  • If your company allows, you can post jokes throughout the year to help make things fun for your followers.
  • Holidays. You can make holiday graphics for holidays you feel are important. You can either make fun graphics or graphics with pictures of your products, office, employees, manufacturing plant and such. You do this at the beginning of the year for the entire year or you make these as each month comes along. Create file folders and keep all your graphics so you can use them next year. Remember this. I live in the USA and we have a Thanksgiving holiday. I don't post Thanksgiving holiday posts because there are many countries without a Thanksgiving holiday. I also don't post a Happy 4th Of July because that's is the Independance Day for the USA only. Why post a Happy 4th of July when many of my Twitter followers live outside the USA?
  • Important posts might be featuring a particular product each week. When make a plan to feature products, services, manufacturing plant pictures, office photos (inside and outside), you'll find you can have plently of Twitter posts to make each year.
  • For the person in charge of posting the Tweets, I would always recommend to keep a log of all your posts. I'd keep a Word or Text file where you date the post, you keep a copy of the entire post and you describe the photo or graphic you used. I'd tally your posts each month so that at the year's end, you'll know how many posts you made when reporting to managers or for your media kit.
  • There are many, many topics that all companies can post about.

Understand that blocking certain Twitter followers is perfectly acceptable.

  • Unfortunately, when you have many Twitter users following thousands of Twitter accounts, including the private individuals, celebrities, singers, TV personalities and these people are not the best candidates for people following your company. If you are honest with yourself, are these people actually going to see your posts and retweet your posts? The answer is probably no. You can check to see if they are retweeting aviation tweets and if not, you are most likely safe to block these people.
  • Blocking Twitter followers can help make your Twitter "Follower" numbers more accurate.
  • When businesses outside ofyour industry follow you (such as realtors, authors of books, religious organizations, restaurants, vacation rental companies, travel agencies, chamber of commerce organizations, convention centers, hotels and other nonprofit organizations), these are companies simply trying to gain Twitter followers, by following more Twitter accounts. These types of Twitter followers are most likely not interested in your company and will most likely never retweet your Tweets. I recommend to block most companies outside your industry which follow you on Twitter.
  • It is okay to quickly check to quickly the profiles of each person and see who and how many people they are following. If you find a nutcase or an offensive person, block accordingly. s
  • Making quideliness on which people or what organizations you'll block, is a good idea.
  • You can also message certain followers with thousands of Twitter followers and ask them if they are actually interested in your company or not. This might seem like an intrusive message to them on your part but 1) They did follow you and 2) Do you really want people who are NOT interested in your company, following your company on Twitter? Of course not.

Some last Twitter Tips:

I'd use both Facebook and Twitter for your business. It is my experience that some people like Facebook better than Twitter and vice versa. I've had professionals tell me they only use Twitter for business and others tell me they only use Facebook for business. If your company uses both, then you'll hopefully post to as many people in your industry. I'd post the same things on Facebook and Twitter every day, this way, you are not wasting time and energy trying to decide what is best to post for either of these accounts and everyone will get the same information from you regardless if they follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

If you organize your photos and grahpics using your own file naming convention, you can quickly see at a glance which photos and graphics you've used over the years. 1) I'd file folders for all the images you use when you post by product, holiday, press release, etc. Each time you post a picture of graphic, save the file name like this. Product A-May2015.jpg. That means you posted Product A on Twitter in October 2017. In several years, your file name will look something like this: Product A-May2015AprOct2016Feb2017.jpg. This way you always know each month and year you've posted that picture or graphic.

If you are currently a Twitter user (personal or business), here's my advice. Go to your "FOLLOWING" list and start deleting all the Twitter accounts you really don't have any interest in. If that means deleting hundreds if not thousands of Twitter accounts from your list, that is a good thing. Only follow those companies, organizations and people you are really interested in. Do you want to follow some scientists? Do you like to cook? Are you bicyclist? Do you have a favorite news channel? Do you have a favorite product? A favorite amusment park? Are there companies that you really have an interest in? Do you have good friends who you really want to follow? These are the people you want to follow. If you are following only 30 to 70 people, that's okay.

Now go to your "FOLLOWERS" list. Do you have random people who you don't know, following you? Then block them! Do you have people pushing their own products or businesses who are following you? Block them. Only allow people who you want to follow you, follow you. I hope you start to realize the importance of blocking people who are out there trying to gain followers, just for the sake of gaining more followers. Why allow useless people and organizations follow your company which simply results in not having an accurate number of Twitter Followers?

How do you increase your Twitter followers for your business? Here are some ideas.

1) At the TOP OF YOUR WEBSITE (not at that bottom of your website), have the Twitter logo and link to your Twitter account.

2) Every email sent by all your employess should have your full business name, mailing address, country name, phone numbers, website and all social media accounts with their links at the bottom of each of these emails.

3) If you send out bulk emails, then your complete contact information, including links to all your social media accounts should be at the bottom of every bulk email.

4) You can also email (or message through Twitter) those companies you do business with and ask them to follow your company Twitter account.

5) Every two to three weeks, ask your followers to retweet your tweets.

Remember, if you like a Tweet, retweet it. If you want to have a list of your favorite Twitter posts that you've seen, then "Like" it. However, to "Like" something you feel is important and that others might like to see and if you are not retweeting that Twitter post, then what's the point of using Twitter? If you retweet other's posts you feel are important, hopefully this will help others retweet your posts.

-End article.

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