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September 29, 2015

Why Do People Visit Helicopter Links and How Can This Help Your Business?

By Mike Hampson, owner, Helicopter Links

Why  do people visit Helicopter Links? Fair question. Because it's easy to find and is packed with information.(San Diego, California, USA): I think this is a good and legitimate question for anyone considering to advertise on Helicopter Links. Out the almost 1 billions websites* and the over 3 billion internet* users, it's easy to guess that smaller websites like Helicopter Links are simply not known by many people.

However, in 2014, we had over 91,000 visitors. How could we have such high numbers for such a small website? The answer is this. Helicopter Links lists thousands of suppliers and service companies in the helicopter industry, including helicopter trade shows, magazines, associations, helicopter-only museums and more, and therefore, people can easily find us online due to search engine optimization*.

Here are some numbers from 2014, 81.5% of our traffic came from pure internet searches, 14.2% came from direct traffic (people who know us) and 4.2% came from referring websites. Also in 2014, we had 91,134 visitors and had 107,234 clicks on company links listed on our website. We also know we have a 59% bounce rate. A bounce rate means people who visit only one page on a website and leave. Again, we are okay with this, since this is how a well made directory is supposed to work. People search online for specific information, find Helicopter Links, get the information and then move on.

While we continue to brand Helicopter Links to the helicopter community, I don't believe it will ever be critical that everyone inside or outside the helicopter industry need to know Helicopter Links by name and here's why. What is important, is that people can find Helicopter Links online through search engine optimization. Meaning this, when people type two or more search words in any search engine, this becomes a more focused search and if a website is built correctly, like our website, then search engines know to return Helicopter Links in their search results lists.

I think another important point is how people do not find Helicopter Links. Every year, I search the internet using the one word search term "helicopter" (without quotes), I go through about 20 search results pages and each time, I can't find Helicopter Links website. I am very happy about this. Why? Imagine if someone typed the word helicopter in a search engine and found Helicopter Links? We'd have over inflated web statistics! I certainly don't want false web statistics.

An internet user uses a one word search term to find the definition of a word, needs general information about a word or subject (trying to find a Wikipedia page) or how to decipher an acronym.

Here are just a few examples of search phrases below that people use to find Helicopter Links. We know these search terms work because we test these search phrases and find that Helicopter Links is usually either at the top or near the top on the first page of the search results list.

People find Helicopter Links by using two or more earch words.helicopter manufacturers
piston helicopter manufacturers
helicopter engine manufacturers
helicopter external load companies
helicopter construction companies
helicopter utility companies
helicopter firefighting companies
helicopter agricultural companies
helicopter air charter companies
helicopter tour companies
helicopter offshore companies
helicopter repair stations
helicopter service centers
helicopter engine repair
helicopter airframe repair
helicopter windows
helicopter avionics manufacturers
helicopter component and spare parts
helicopter completions
heliport contractors
heliport construction companies
helicopter ground equipment
helicopter magazines
helicopter trade shows
helicopter associations
helicopter museums

Something else to consider. If I type in "helicopter magazines" in a search engine, will it provide me with a list, A through Z for every single helicopter magazine in the world? No. Search engines simply can't do this. Which is why Helicopter Links is extremely helpful. We search the internet and hand-place all companies and organizations on Helicopter Links. (No one can log-on to Helicopter Links website and add their own website. This simply does not take place because we don't allow this.) We do the searching ourselves, take suggestions by email and then we review each website to make sure they are part of the helicopter industry. This is why our site is useful for buyers. We list only companies and organizations which are in the helicopter industry.

In addition, several times a month I get calls and emails from either contractors, utility companies, pipeline contractors, engine repair requests, air taxi requests, and those with other supplier or service questions. From these phone calls (and from reviewing our incoming web statistics), I know that people from outside the helicopter industry and those from inside the helicopter industry are visiting Helicopter Links.

Helicopter Links is like a helicopter dating service. We bring buyers and sellers together.Think about this, do helicopter trade shows around the world have a massive amount of contractors or people from outside the helicopter industry visiting these trade shows? My guess is no.

Do helicopter industry trade publications have a massive amount of subscribers from outside the helicopter industry? Probably not. This is where Helicopter Links excels. Anyone from around the world who needs to hire a helicopter operator, from contractors to VIP travel, can easily find Helicopter Links and find a company to hire.

The advantage of advertising on Helicopter Links is this: People visiting Helicopter Links want to look at ads. People on our website are buyers trying to find a seller. When a seller has a banner ad on Helicopter Links, they are saying, "Look at our company, we are open for business and we want to earn your business!" Helicopter Links is like a helicopter dating service, bringing buyers and sellers together!

For more information about our web statistics, other information or our advertising prices, please contact Mike Hampson, owner, at +1 (858) 413-7074 or by email: staff@helicopterlinks.com.

End of article.

About Helicopter Links.

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In September of 2014, the internet reached to 1 billion websites, but now has declined to under a billion websites. www.internetlivestats.com/total-number-of-websites

In September 2015, there are over 3 billion people currently using the internet. The Internet Live Stats web site has the details here: www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users

Search Engine Optimization. Quoting from Wikipedia, "Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results - often referred to as 'natural,' 'organic,' or 'earned' results." See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

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