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January 22, 2015 - Helicopter Links Press Release

Free Things Offered by Helicopter Links to the Helicopter Industry

By Mike Hampson, owner, Helicopter Links

One free listing to every helicopter related business. Restrictions can apply.(San Diego, California, USA): Helicopter Links is a specialized online-only directory made for the helicopter industry and we have several free worldwide offers. Each free offer is generally specific to either a helicopter operator, supplier, service, organization or manufacturer.

Our main give-away is our "One Free Listing" offer which for any helicopter operator, supplier, service. This one free listing offer lasts indefinitely and does not require that the company advertise with us.

What Are The Advantages Of Having One Free Listing?

To appreciate our "Free Listing Offers" it requires one to think like a person who is using a directory (a yellow page book). A good question to ask would be, "Who uses a directory and why?" Answer: A directory is used by buyers in the buying process (including potential buyers), searching for sellers. People who use directories are on the hunt, so to speak.

1) The free listing helps buyers find your company. The average number of clicks for each free listing is about 32 clicks per month. We've seen some free listings, depending upon the web page it's on, receive from 0 clicks per year, to hundreds of clicks in one year.

2) The free listing helps search engine optimization (SEO) for your company website. Google and other search engines consider a link from an industry website to your own website to be a legitimate and valuable link. (Each year, we have companies which tell us how important an industry link means to them from our website.)

List of what we offer at no charge.3) The free listings help make Helicopter Links a complete website and makes our site useful and easy for buyers to search for sellers in one place because we've done most of the work for them.

4) The free listings are good for our advertisers since they get a larger share of the outbound-clicks because their advertisements stand out among the free listings.

One Free Listing Versus Advertising

As seen above, there are several advantages of having a free listing for all parties involved; however, one free listing is not advertising.

Think about this: Directory advertising is (or should be) an advertiser's and/or marketing communications person's dream come true. Because a buyer using a directory is motivated to actively take time out of their day to find a seller, this means that many buyers using directories, and want to look at advertisements! Because of this, directory advertising is a very good use of advertising dollars—due to sellers having the opportunity to advertise directly to buyers who are currently in the buying process.

Another added benefit of directory advertising is that it supports all your other marketing efforts. For example, if someone sees your logo and visits your booth at a trade show, then six (6) months later, when they find you advertisement on Helicopter Links, your directory has just supported the time, effort and money spent at your trade show. As a reminder, directory advertising is advertising to new customers, current customers or former customers. Companies who advertise on Helicopter Links, are telling the helicopter world they want to earn their business.

Why should I advertise? Everyone knows my company!

We've had a few major helicopter turbine OEM helicopter manufacturers marketing ask Helicopter Links the question, "Why should I advertise? Everyone knows my company!" My first thought is, "Really? Everyone knows your company? Are you sure?" But more importantly, that statement is not true. With over 7 billion people on earth, there are new people entering and learning about the helicopter industry every day, including marketing communication personnel for the big helicopter OEM manufacturers.1 And advertising on directories is useful since people use directories because they're easy to use.

On Helicopter Links homepage, every link receives multiple clicks each year. There were 19,631 visitors to our homepage and 8,603 clicks on the companies listed on our homepage. (Currently there are 72 company links on Helicopter Links homepage, so that averages to 273 clicks per link on Helicopter Links homepage.)

My first thought is, "Everyone knows your company? Are you sure?" but more importantly, advertising on directories is useful since people use directories because they're easy to use. We've search the internet and done lots of work so that Helicopter Links users (hopefully) do not have to do an exhaustive Google search. We list Helicopter Links' last year's web statistics here. We also have detailed web statistics (inbound and bound) for every web page on our website as well as for each company (outbound) listed.

Last word

We do offer one free link to any company in the helicopter industry; however, we reserve the right to not offer a free link to any company and for any reason. Some reasons might be so obvious. We can't offer a free link to a company which we don't have a corresponding section for. However, the denying of a free link are usually to companies which are strictly fixed-wing, and those companies which have nothing to do with aviation. Sometimes we don't offer a free link to websites which are outdated, difficult to navigate or (our security software warns that) their website has a virus.

Details of our free listing offers are found here on our website.

End article.


1. In 2012, I met a marketing communications person who before he got his job at a top OEM helicopter manufacturers, he had been working in marketing in a completely unrelated industry to helicopters or aviation. He told me that Helicopter Links was extremely useful and saved him lots of time which helped him understanding who his competitors where and learning about the helicopter industry including the magazines, organizations and trade shows.

About Helicopter Links:

Helicopter Links is an online directory which lists helicopter manufacturers, operators, suppliers, services, magazines, helicopter trade shows, air shows and conferences, museums, associations and more. We also offer one free link to any helicopter related business in the world and are media partners with at least 18 helicopter trade shows and associations around the world. Our Free Listing Offers are here: Free Listing Offers.

Helicopter Links had over 91,000 visitors from around the world, in 2014 with over 107,000 clicks on the company links listed on our website. Our website is free to use by anyone and we also have nice advertising opportunities for any company looking to advertiser directly to buyers in the helicopter industry. Please contact us to find out about our affordable advertising opportunities.

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