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January 6, 2015 - Helicopter Links Press Release

Helicopter Links 2014 Web Statistics (And some Google Analytics information)

By Mike Hampson, owner, Helicopter Links

(San Diego, California, USA) — Helicopter Links had over 91,000 visitors during 2014 and over 107,000 clicks on company links listed on our website.

That's almost 250 people a day, from around the world, visiting Helicopter Links who need help trying to find a supplier, service or organization in the helicopter industry.

During 2014, our visitors came from 221 countries, dependencies, islands, territories and sovereignties worldwide. The majority of our visitors are from North America (46%); followed by Europe and CIS Countries (24%); Asia, Oceania and the Middle East (22%); Central and South America (4%) and last but not least, Africa (3%).

74% are people visiting are using desktops, 16% are using mobile devices and 10% are using tablets. As each year passes, we see slight increases in mobile devices. We also have 27.485% return visitor rate, showing we have a nice percentage of people who use our directory more than once a year. When I see that 74% of our visitors are from using desktops, I'm guessing it's because many are at their office looking for a supplier or information about the helicopter industry.

While one of the best ways to learn about multiple companies in the helicopter industry, in a short period of time, is at a helicopter trade show, we know that many people in the helicopter community cannot afford to attend the helicopter trade shows! Heli-Expo 2015, in March at Orlando, Florida, USA, lasted only three days, is considered by some to be the most important helicopter trade show in the world, but had a paltry attendance of 17,000 people. Traveling to attend a helicopter trade show is a very expensive proposition for buyers, office workers, pilots, mechanics and even small business owners.

The advantage of Helicopter Links is that's it's online and is free to use by anyone worldwide, 24/7, 365 days per year where buyers doing all the work, searching for sellers. The advantage for the sellers, is they get year-round worldwide advertising at an affordable rate. Also, in this age of the internet and international commerce, a buyer might find a company on Helicopter Links which they need to buy from, that is either located just down the street, one city or state over, or from across the world.

The other good item about Helicopter Links which might not be noticed right away is that Helicopter Links website does not have any music playing, no videos playing, no annoying pop-ups (for any reason), no surveys, no email requests and nothing to distract people when using our website. You might also notice that we do not have any non-helicopter related advertising. (We DO NOT and WILL NOT use an advertising service, like many newspapers have, where random ads on any subject might appear.)

This means you'll never see advertisements being generated based on your own internet searches which have recently taken placed. And you'll never see trailer trash advertisements trying to sell you the next best thing for sex, beauty aids or ads which claim to list the top 10 most bizarre happenings on a certain subject!

All our advertising is purchased by companies who are ready to do business within the helicopter community. So buyers have the advantage of seeing ads from companies who want to earn their business. We are like a helicopter dating service. Buyers visit Helicopter Links looking for sellers and it's where sellers can advertise to buyers who want to look at their ads.

Our bounce rate is 59%. What is a bounce rate? According to Google Analytics, it's the number of people who only visit one web page and then leave your website. Most companies would prefer a low bounce rate. What about Helicopter Links? We are expecting a high bounce rate, because people are online searching for a specific supplier or service, find Helicopter Links, finding the information they need and then move on. It's just like finding the phone number to order pizza, you find what you are looking for and move on.

End article.

Article References:
Google Analytics Wikipedia page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Analytics (Quote from Wikipedia: "Most widely used web statistics service.")

"Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (on Amazon.com)" (2010) by Sebastian Tonkin, Caleb Whitmore, Justin Cutroni, Wiley Publishing, Inc. Page 47, 65-66. (Error rate and trends over time paraphrase.)

Google Analytics: www.google.com/analytics

Analytics Engine: www.analyticsengine.net

About Helicopter Links:

Helicopter Links is an online directory which lists helicopter manufacturers, operators, suppliers, services, magazines, helicopter trade shows, air shows and conferences, museums, associations and more. We also offer one free link to any helicopter related business in the world and are media partners with at least 18 helicopter trade shows and associations around the world. Our Free Listing Offers are here: Free Listing Offers. Our website is free to use by anyone and we also have nice advertising opportunities for any company looking to advertiser directly to buyers in the helicopter industry. Please contact us to find out about our affordable advertising opportunities.

About Google Analytics:

Helicopter Links uses Google Analytics for our inbound web statistics and for our outbound web statistics we use Analytics Engine. This means our web statistics are very accurate. Both web statistic services are free services and both offer premium services. This means we have inbound and outbound web statistics from our entire website and for each web page. For each company listed on our website, we have outbound web statistics as well. Google Analytics was added to Helicopter Links in March 2009 and Analytics Engine was added in the the fall of 2010.

What do we know about Google Analytics? It has been said that Google Analytics is the Gold Standard of web statistics. It is very accurate, they offer many reports (I've read where it's over 60, it could be more now) and it's apparently "the most widely used website statistics service" (according to Wikipedia*) in the world. Paraphrasing, it has been said there is a +/- 15% error rate with web statistics (due to people using multiple devices and cookie issues), and to remember that web statistics are not about absolutes but trends over time (From the book, "Performance Marketing with Google Analytics*).

More information about Google Analytics. Google bought the top web statistics company Urchin Software in 2005 (which at the time charged their clients in the range of $500.00 USD per month for their web statistics services) and then Google turned around gave away this technology for free. Web designers around the world were ecstatic! Every company should have Google Analytics on their website, unless you are a multi-million or multi-billion dollar company and can afford their premium rates or something better (if there is such a company). To confirm any fears out there, we know that a hosting company's web statistics are very inaccurate and often showing numbers which are extremely inflated. To date, Google Analytics is the best answer to accurate web statistics for most websites.

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